Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy at the jacket world doesn’t ask for secluded information from the customers. Only relevant and necessary personal data is obtained at the time of transactions, giveaway or contests. The information that you provide us with is purely based on your acquiescence.

The information of the customers that we are provided with at multiple occasions, such as transitions, is strictly confidential, although, there may be some exceptions. For instance, we may have to share some information with our co-sponsored, staff members at occasions such as contests and giveaways.

We do not reveal bank information such as financial information with anyone under any circumstances. We redirect you to the primary website of the bank service providers.

The information that we require from our customers may include a physical address, mobile phone number, name, email address, gender, birthdates, and so on.


To provide a smooth shopping experience we partnered with some of the best delivery services, some of them include FedEx, DHL, USPS. Your products will be safely delivered to your doorsteps without any hassle. Your information is received by our trusted customer service staff members who are taught well to treat your personal information with respect.

The reviews of the products that you provide us might be shared on our partnered social media websites with your consent.

Personal Information

Your personal information is completely secure with us although, under some kind of inconvenience and legal inquiries, we may have to disclose it to the authorities.

Jacket World uses your data for relevant purposes only. We may use the information that you provided with your consent for the following purposes.

  • Payment/Billing, Checkout.
  • Brand notifications, Notifications for new products.
  • To notify about deals and discount codes
  • To update you about shipping and tracking
  • Inquire about customer satisfaction
  • Improving our service
  • Contests
  • Updates/News

To ensure that you’re content with sharing your data we protect it with a secure socket layer protection (SSL). This way your data will stay confidential although we do not accept any information about the children who are under the age of 16 for the safety of our customers.

You have the liberty to delete or keep your account for as long as you want your data. Although remains in our engines for security purposes even after you delete your account. Under some rare cases, where our cybersecurity teams consider important, we may delete your information or keep it under the pseudonym “anonymous”.

Feel free to send or post your reviews about our products. We are confident that our products will satisfy you. Abusive language and inappropriate content dealt with strictness deleted immediately.

You have the freedom to alter, change or check your information at any time. Feel free to contact us at for any kind of queries or confusion. You can also discuss with us how you want us to deal with the information you provide us.


You may receive cookies for a smooth experience when you visit our website. You can visit the website anonymously but, we do use third party tracking tools to scan your browser, internet, proxy (if any), date, time, gender and you’re overall behavior. This helps us keep a healthy, safe and pleasant environment for all the customers that visit our website.

If you have any queries related to the product, privacy policy or your data, you can contact us at;